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Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication
206 Church St SE
111 Murphy Hall

My program of research broadly pertains to the study of health communication, persuasion, technology, and youth. My work often addresses the following two questions:

1. How can we use strategic messages and persuasive technology (such as mobile devices) to help individuals connect their everyday choices with their more abstract goals?

2. How can we improve the effectiveness of strategic messages by mitigating unintended effects?

I am currently leading a NIH Grant, titled: "E-cigarette Warning Labels: Tests of Messages to Reduce Recreational Use Among Adolescents."

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Communication, Cornell University, 2015.
  • M.S.: Communication, Cornell University, 2013.
  • M.A.: Culture and Communication, New York University, 2004.
  • B.A. : Public Relations (Honors) and Political Science, Minor: Marketing, Syracuse University (Newhouse).
  • Certificate: Digital Media Marketing, New York University, 2010.
  • Certificate: Advanced Event Management, New York University, 2004.


  • Health Communication
  • Persuasion, Technology and Youth
  • Construal Level Theory
  • Psychological Reactance Theory
Courses Taught
  • Psychology of Advertising
  • Principles of Strategic Communication
Research & Professional Activities


  • NIH Grant R03: E-Cigarette Warning Labels: Tests of Messages to Reduce Recreational Use Among Adolescents, April 2017 - March 2019
  • Grant in Aid of Research, Artistry and Scholarship: January 2017 - May 2017
  • CLA Seed Grants for Data Collection Initiative: May 2016 - May 2017


  • Invited Talk: Persuasion and Risk Communication: Techniques to Communicate Lifesaving Information: 2017 Great Lakes Water Safety Conference: Bridging the Gaps as part of discussions with the SeaGrant Program at University of Minnesota, April 2017
  • Invited Talk: E-cigarette Warning Labels and Youth: COMET: Consortium on Models Evaluating Tobacco, Nicolett Island Inn, April 2017
  • Katz, S. J.; Byrne, S.; Kent, A. I. (Forthcoming 2017) Mitigating the Perception of Threat to Freedom through Abstraction and Distance. Communication Research.
  • Katz, S. J., Lindgren, B. Hatsukami, D. (2017) E-cigarettes Warning Labels and Modified Risk Statements: Tests of Messages to Reduce Recreational Use. Tobacco Regulatory Science, 3, 445-458.
  • Katz, S. J., Lee, T., & Byrne, S. (2015). Predicting Parent-Child Differences in Perceptions of How Children Use the Internet for Help with Homework, Identity Development, and Health Information. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 59, 574 - 602.
  • Byrne, S., Katz, S. J., Mathios, A., & Niederdeppe, J. (2014). Do the ends justify the means? A test of alternatives to the FDA proposed cigarette warning labels. Health Communication, 30, 680-693. doi: 10.1080/10410236.2014.895282.
  • Katz, S. J. & Byrne, S. (2013). Construal Level Theory of Mobile Persuasion. Media Psychology, 16, 245-271. doi: 10.1080/15213269.2013.798853.
  • Byrne, S., Katz, S. J., Lee, T., Linz, D., & McIrath, M. (2013) Peers, Predators, and Porn: Predicting Parental Underestimation of their Children’s Risky Online Experiences. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19, 215 -231. DOI: 10.1111/jcc4.12040
  • Baumer, E.P.S., Katz, S.J., Freeman, J.E., Adams, P., Gonzales, A.L., Pollak, JP, Retelny, D., Niederdeppe, J., Olson, C., and Gay, G. (2012). Prescriptive Persuasion and Open-Ended Social Awareness: Expanding the Design Space of Mobile Health in Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). (Seattle, WA).
  • Awarded Top Early Career Scholar Paper Award – Kentucky Conference on Health Communication, 2016