Roderick H Squires

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Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

Curriculum Vitae


  • Landscape and Society
  • Public Land History
  • Real Property Ownership, especially Public Lands
  • Public Policy
  • Rectangular Land Surveys
  • Public Records
Courses Taught
  • Geog 3111 - Geography of Minnesota
  • Geog 3361 Geography and Public Policy
  • Geog 5361 - Geography and Real Estate
  • Geog 8344 - Environmental Policy
  • Conservation in Upper Teesdale: contributions from the palaeoecological record. Squires, Roderick, 1978.
  • Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians et al vs. State of Minnesota et al. Squires, Roderick, Testimony and Opinion, U.S.District Court, District of Minnesota, Fourth Division, Civil No. 4-90-605, Dec-89.
  • Protecting the Land: Conservation Easements, Past, Present, and Future (chapter and preface contributor, co-editor). Squires, Roderick, Island Press, 2000.
  • Public Sector Contributions to Private Land Value: Looking at the Ledger. Squires, Roderick, Runge, C. Ford, M. Teresa Duclos, John S Adams, Barry Goodwin, Judith A. Martin, and Alice E. Iverson, Property and Values; Alternatives to Public and Private Ownership, Island Press, pp. 41-62, 2000.
  • An Inventory of the Public Land Surveys Records for Minnesota: The Special Instructions. Squires, Roderick, University of Minnesota, Center for Tramnsportation Studies, Author, 2008. Link
  • A Significant Triumph of Geometry over Physical Geography: Vignettes of the Public Land Surveys. Squires, Roderick, Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors, Author, 2010.