Ray M Wakefield

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German, Scandinavian & Dutch
328D FolH

9 Pleasant St SE

Educational Background & Specialties


  • Dutch
  • manuscript culture
  • medieval German literature
  • medieval mystics
  • print culture
  • second-language acquisition
Courses Taught
  • Dtch 3510 - Topics in Dutch Culture: Mystic Writings of Hadewijch
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Director of Language Instruction: 1980 - 1995
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of German, Scandinavian & Dutch:
  • Director, European Studies Consortium:
  • Founder, Dutch Studies Program and Dutch Writer-in-Residence Program:
  • Principal Investigator, Title VI National Resource Center, Western European Area Studies:
  • The Problematic German Reception of John Boorman's Film Excalibur. Wakefield, Ray, Politics and Literature, Camden House, 1998.
  • Heinsius and Opitz: Germanic Prosody Revisited. Wakefield, Ray, 1994.
  • The Beguines Sisters. Wakefield, Ray, 1981/1982.
  • Kreise. Wakefield, Ray, Jermaine Arendt, Catharine Baumann and Gisela Peters, Heinle & Heinle, 1992.
  • Nibelungen Prosody. Wakefield, Ray, Mouton, 1976.
  • Officier of the Royal Order of Oranje-Nassau, 1991
  • United States Department of Education Grant