Declare a Major or Minor

Ready to declare your major?
Contact your academic advisor

As an undergraduate degree-seeking student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus, you must declare a major by the time you have completed 60 semester credits. Undeclared students with 60 or more credits will have a registration hold until they declare a major and a major program form is submitted to their CLA academic advisor.

Explore Your Options

  • Being undecided is normal! Discuss your interests with your academic advisor, department advisors, and professors in your favorite classes.  
  • CLA offers over 60 majors! Take time to explore the many options you have. Investigate majors by looking at department websites and the Undergraduate Catalog for major requirements. 
  • Explore majors by taking introductory courses in several potential majors of interest. Many of these courses will also fulfill your liberal education requirements.
  • Look at major department websites to find out how to declare that major. Some will require that you complete certain courses, attend an information session, or write a personal statement before you can declare the major.
  • If you are planning to apply to a competitive program you should plan for another major option in case you are not admitted to your first choice major/program.  
  • Check out additional resources for exploring majors.