Recent Dissertations


Huang, Mingwei

"The Intimacies of Racial Capitalism: Chinese Capital and Migration in South Africa"
Advisors: Jigna Desai, Karen Ho

Miron, Rose

“Mohican Archival Activism: Narrating Indigenous Nationalism.”
Advisors: Jean O’Brien, Kevin Murphy


McNally, Andrew

Empire Imaginary: International Understanding and Progressive Education in the United States"
Advisors: Regina Kunzel and Kevin Murphy

Mohrman, Katharine

"Exceptionally Queer: Mormon Peculiarity and US Exceptionalism"
Advisors: Regina Kunzel and Kevin Murphy


Butler-Wall, Karisa

"Feeling Healthy: Media, Affect, and the Governance of Health"
Advisors: Regina Kunzel, Kevin Murphy

Keeler, Kasey

"Indigenous Suburbs: Settler Colonialism, Housing Policy, and American Indians in Suburbia"
Advisors: Jean O'Brien, Brenda Child

Owens, Tammy

"Making Black Girls Real: Reconstructing Black Girlhood in the U.S., 1861– 963"
Advisor: Roderick Ferguson

Topete, Daniel

"Taking Back Mi Lengua: Spanish Rock, Space, and Authenticity in Chicana/o Barrios & Academia"
Advisor: Edén Torres


Estrada Pérez, Jesus 

"Decolonial Fantasies: Gay Chicano Art and the Practice of Utopian World-Making"
Advisors: Bianet Castellanos, Edén Torres

Lewis, Abram

"The Falling Dream: Unreason and Enchantment in the Gay Liberation"
Advisors: Roderick Ferguson, Regina Kunzel

Mahdi, Waleed

"The Cultural Politics of Otherness: Arab Americans at Crossroads of U.S. Arab Imagery"
Advisor: Roderick Ferguson

Padrón, Karla

"Legal Injuries: Deportability and U.S. Immigration Policy in the Lives of Trans Latina Immigrants"
Advisors: Bianet Castellanos, Edén Torres

Pottinger, Trecia

"Black Suburbanization on Philadelphia's Main Line, 1894–1975"
Advisor: Katherine Solomonson


Aguilar, Rodolfo 

"Tambien Bailamos en el norte: sonidero transnational, lives, and Mexican migrants in the Midwest"
Advisors: Bianet Castellanos and Roderick A. Ferguson

Beam, Myrl 

"Compassion, Community, Capital, and Crisis: Neoliberalism and the Non-Profitization of Queer Social Movements"
Advisors: Kevin Murphy and Teresa Gowan

Beane, Katherine 

"Woyakapi Kin Ahdipi 'Bringing the Story Home': A History Within the Wakpa Ipaksan Dakota Oyate"
Advisors: Jean O'Brien and Brenda Child

Cheyne, Michael 

"Sitcom Citizenship: Civic Participation within Postwar Suburban Sitcoms, 1952–1972"
Advisors: Kevin Murphy and Laurie Ouellette

Hatmaker, Melissa 

"Flooded in Sludge, Fueling the Nation: Generating Power, Waste, and Change in East Tennessee"
Advisor: Hoon Song

Sarmiento, Thomas 

"The Heartland of Empire: Queer Cultural Imaginaries of Filipinas/os in the Midwest"
Advisors: Kevin Murphy and Kale Fajardo

Vitulli, Elias 

"Canceral Normatives: Sex, Security, and the Penal Mangement of Gender Nonconformity"
Advisors: Regina Kunzel and Roderick A. Ferguson


Brown, James 

"Anarchy and Individualism in American Literature: From Walden Pond to the Rise of the New Left"
Advisor: Lary L. May

Dillon, Stephen 

"Fugitive Life: Race, Gender, and the Rise of Neoliberal-Carceral State"
Advisors: Roderick A. Ferguson and Regina Kunzel

Mitchell, Jasmine 

"Popular Culture Images of the Mulatta: Constructing Race, Gender, and Nation in the United States and Brazil"
Advisors: Erika Lee and Bianet Castellanos

Norby-Marroquin, Patricia 

"Visual Violence in the Land of Enchantment"
Advisors: Brenda Child and Jennifer Marshall

Pegues, Juliana 

"Interrogating Intimacies: Asian American and Native Relations in Colonial Alaska"
Advisors: Erika Lee and Jigna Desai

Schneider-Mayerson, Matthew 

"Peak Politics: Resource Scarcity and Libertarian Political Culture in the United States"
Advisor: Elaine Tyler May

Tang, Jasmine Kar 

"Atomic Hospitality: Asian Migrant Scientists Meet the U.S. South"
Advisor: Erika Lee

White, Karissa 

"To Resist and Adapt: Tribal Narratives of Community, Sovereignty, and Treaty Rights at the Squaxin Island Museum, Library and Research Center and the Mille Lacs Indian Museum"
Advisor: Brenda Child

Wiggins, Benjamin 

"Managing Risk, Managing Race: Racialized Actuarial Science in the United States, 1881–1948"
Advisors: Richard Leppert and John Archer


Ault, Elizabeth Jane 

"Take Responsibility for Your Good Times: Black Sitcoms, Citizenship, and the Reinvention of Government 1972–1985"
Advisor: Laurie Ouellette

Beitiks, Emily Smith 

"Building the Normal Body: Disability and the Techno-Makeover"
Advisors: Roderick A. Ferguson and Bruce Carleton Elliott

Cartwright, Ryan 

"Peculiar Places: A Queer History of Rural Nonconformity"
Advisors: Roderick A. Ferguson, Regina Kunzel, and Kevin Murphy


Butler, Pamela W.

"Global Chicks: The Politics of Travel in Twenty-First Century Feminisms"
Advisors: Jennifer L. Pierce, Roderick A. Ferguson, and Jigna Desai

Hyon, Soyoung 

"Anxieties of the Fictive: The Immigrant and Asian American Politics of Visibility"
Advisors: Roderick A. Ferguson and Josephine Lee

Lachance, Daniel William 

"Condemned To Be Free: The Cultural Life of Capital Punishment in the United States, 1945–Present"
Advisor: Elaine Tyler May

Mariano, L. Joyce Zapanta 

"Homeland Developments: Filipino America and the Politics of Diaspora Giving"
Advisor: Josephine Lee

Shoemaker, Scott M.

"Trickster Skins: Narratives of Landscape, Representation, and the Miami Nation"
Advisor: Brenda Child

Watson, Cathryn M.

"Spectral Materialisms: Colonial Complexes and the Insurgent Acts of Chicana/o Cultural Production"
Advisor: Louis Mendoza


Franklin, Michael David 

"Spectacles in Transit: Reading Cinematic Productions of Biopower and Transgender Embodiment"
Advisors: Roderick A. Ferguson and Kevin Murphy

Pate, SooJin 

"Genealogies of Korean Adoption: American Empire, Militarization, and Yellow Desire"
Advisors: Roderick A. Ferguson and Jigna Desai

Park, Bongsoo 

"Intimate Encounters, Racial Frontiers: Stateless GI Babies in South Korea and the United States, 1953–1965"
Advisors: Lary L. May and Hiromi Mizuno

Murphy, Ryan P.

"On Our Own: Flight Attendant Labor and the Family Values Economy"
Advisor: Jennifer L. Pierce

Suarez, Harrod Japhet 

"The Insolence of the Filipinas: Mothering Nationalism, Globalization, and Literature" 
Advisor: Roderick A. Ferguson