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What Can I Do With a Degree in American Studies?

American studies alumni go on to work in a wide variety of professional fields. Some are teachers in secondary or post-secondary education, while others pursue careers in business, law, or medicine. Still others work in the world of museums as curators or consultants, in politics or in government as administrators, as researchers, or as social workers. A degree in American studies also provides a solid foundation for postgraduate study.

For further information on what you can do with a major in American studies, career planning, or working with a career counselor, please visit CLA Career Services.


Like other liberal arts programs, we train students to think globally, critically, and multiculturally. We require our majors to take several courses in diverse fields because we believe in the value of multidisciplinary study, which allows you to develop your professional and intellectual interests without disciplinary restrictions.


We know that learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Take your studies to the next level by participating in the many research opportunities and internships available on and near campus. Though it may sound counterintuitive, learning or working abroad is a great way to gain valuable and relevant skills in American studies.


You can build an effective strategy for applying to jobs, graduate programs, and service opportunities. Schedule an appointment with a CLA Career Counselor. Explore Handshake, the U of M’s exclusive job and internship search database. Attend an upcoming employer and career events and workshops to start building your network.

Our Director of Undergraduate Studies and departmental advisor also work with majors and minors to develop a program of study and prepare for a postgraduate career or graduate school.

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