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American studies is a multidisciplinary scholarly field that studies American society. Our undergraduates have an opportunity to develop a highly tailored program of study to suit their long-term career goals, including graduate school. We are home to some of the University of Minnesota's most exciting and esteemed faculty members and courses.

In an American studies classroom, you can expect to engage with questions about culture, race, gender, sexuality, and globalization. We study both American society and its relationship to the rest of the world. We unpack complex issues and processes through a variety of media—film, music, literature, history, and art. Moreover, because our faculty members come from several different disciplines, we teach our students to approach course objectives from diverse scholarly vantage points.

We are convinced that equipping students to navigate a global world means teaching them to reflect deeply on issues of equity and cultural diversity—something that is more important now than ever before. We are committed to training our students to think critically, globally, and multiculturally, and are convinced that that is what a modern university must do to be relevant to the world we share.

Time and time again, American studies majors prove the immeasurable value and awesome applicability of liberal arts training and education. Our graduates go on to a wide array of fields, changing the landscapes of business, education, art, law, medicine, politics, and more


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