Summer 2023 Art History Courses

Poster for ArtH 1921W Intro to Film Study showing Daniel Kaluuya from Nope and a rock with googly eyes from Everything Everywhere All at Once.
Poster for ArtH 3005 Identity and American Art showing a black and white photo of people travelling on a train.

The Department of Art History is offering two courses during the 8-week summer session of 2023. Both of these courses meet the LibEd requirement of Arts/Humanities.

ARTH 1921W: Introduction to Film Study is a 4 credit writing intensive course that introduces students to the fundamentals of film analysis, as well as the major theories of the cinema presented through detailed interpretations of representative films.

ARTH 3005: Identity and American Art is a 3 credit course designed to help students think about American history, experiences, and identities by looking closely at the visual record of painting, sculpture, decorative/applied arts, and other sites and artifacts made in the United States. The class will focus on works from the Colonial period to the rise of the Cold War in the 1950s-60s, and will pay particular interest in understanding "America" as an idea continually shaped, expressed, represented, and even contested through the visual and material world.

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