Meet Cassandra Ferguson

Photo of Cassandra Ferguson

Cassandra Ferguson is a senior art history major.

Art, its history, and its various effects on society have always been a source of extreme fascination for her. This lifelong love of art began in her infancy, wherein she would be brought to the Minneapolis Institute of Art and talked to about the masterpieces adorning its halls.

Now, this admiration of art history has led her to major in this field at the University of Minnesota, with hopes to eventually continue her education in graduate school.

Besides a general love for art history, Cassandra is drawn specifically to the art of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, South Asian metal sculptures, and apocalyptic art—though she also has a soft spot for the work of Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt.

When not studying, Cassandra enjoys staying connected with friends and family, listening to music, reading, and "getting lost" in art museums for hours at a time.

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