Art History PhD Candidate Angelica J. Maier joins the Minnesota Historical Society as Curator of 3D Objects

Photo of Angelica Maier standing with hand on hip in front of a brick wall

The Department of Art History is pleased to announce that PhD Candidate Angelica J. Maier will join the Collections Department at the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) in October 2023 as Curator of 3D Objects. Currently at work on a dissertation titled, “Toxic Matter: American Sculpture, Materials Science and Cultural Fear, 1962-1979” (funded in part by the UMN’s prestigious Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship), Angelica works with Professor Jane Blocker most closely as her advisor in the field of contemporary art. To her role at MNHS, she will bring not only her area expertise in art history, but also her training in material culture studies, fine art and object conservation, and critical museum studies. Fresh off the O’Brien Curatorial Fellowship at the Weisman Art Museum, where Angelica led research into digital collections management practices, at MNHS she will hit the ground running with a project dedicated to managing, developing, and expanding access to MNHS’ 3D objects collection. 

Angelica Maier says that she views “the role of the curator as not only the authoritative interpreter of the collection, but as an interlocutor who, with the community, facilitates shared investment in the stories we produce about objects.” We’re excited to watch her develop her practice, while supporting the Historical Society’s mission to spark curiosity in history and to foster an inclusive, empathetic society. 

For more about Angelica Maier’s recent appointment, see the MNHS Press Release.

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