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Q&A With Caitlyn Carr

June 5, 2020

Why did you choose the U of M and the Department of Art History?

I chose the U of M because I wanted a large school in an urban setting. It was the perfect fit!

I really enjoyed my art history classes in high school, so I actually knew I wanted to study it in college. I was extremely lucky that the art history department at the U is diverse in terms of subject matter, led by an incredible faculty, and supported by dedicated administrators and graduate students!

What was your favorite class in the ARTH major?

My favorite class I took in the department was a film class my junior year. Each week, we watched a classic film in class and were assigned to watch a film that was currently in theaters. We then discussed the films in relation to each other in class. It was so memorable because its style was unique, and the content was relevant outside the classroom.

Is there a professor who stood out to you?

I actually worked for the department, so I got to know many of the professors, and they were all great! But I would say those who stood out to me the most were Dr. Jenn Marshall, Dr. Jane Blocker, and Theresa Downing. All three of them took the time to learn about my life beyond the classroom, in addition to supporting my academic interests. They were all marvelous mentors to me!

Where are you going to graduate school, and can you describe the research you are doing now?

I am currently finishing my masters in Art History at American University (online, of course, due to COVID-19), where my major focus is American art and my minor is in modern European art. My thesis centers on a WWII photo essay by American photographer Lee Miller in British Vogue, and involves ideas of visual culture and postmodern theory.

How did your undergraduate degree prepare you for your graduate program?

Many of the department's requirements prepared me for my graduate program. At the U, I was able to take art history classes across regions, time periods, and mediums, which provided me with a solid base in the field and better equipped me to hone in on my speciality research area. Also, I appreciate that the department required a senior thesis paper because it gave me some experience when it came to writing [my thesis] for my masters program.

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