Spring 2021 Courses

Course poster for ARTH 1001 Intro to Art History with Professor Laura Kalba. Image is Faith Ringgold’s "Dancing at the Louvre." The course is online and is 4 credits. Thursdays from 9:45am-11am, plus discussion section
Course poster for ARTH 1004W Intro to Asian Art with Profs. Anna Seastrand and Daniel Greenberg. The course is writing intensive and meets the Lib Ed requirement of Historical Perspectives. Online lecture and discussion section. Spring 2021.














Course Poster for ARTH 8950 Together/Apart: Art and Society from Romanticism to Relational Aesthetics. Text: Starting from the premise that we are, for better or worse, inexorably tied to one another, this seminar explores the intersection of art and "the

Course poster for ARTH 1913 Freshman Seminar: Plague, Death, and Art. Spring 2021. 3 credits. Online lecture Tues/Thurs (9:45-11am)

Course poster for ARTH 3009 Medieval Art with Dr. Jennifer Awes-Freeman. 3 credits. Spring 2021. Online lecture Wednesdays 9:45-11am. This class meets the lib ed requirement of arts/humanities
Course poster for ARTH 3014W Art of India with Prof. Anna Seastrand. Spring 2021. 4 credits. This class meets the Lib Ed requirement of Global Perspectives and Arts/Humanities
Course poster ARTH 3464 Art Since 1945 with Dr. Emily Capper. Image of two paint brushes. Spring 2021. Online lecture 11:15am-12:30pmTues/Thurs. This class meets the Lib Ed requirement of Historical Perspectives.
Course poster ARTH 3577 Photography in America with Prof. Jennifer Marshall. Image is of a black and white photo of a couple standing next to a vintage car. Spring 2021. This class meets the Lib Ed requirement of Arts/Humanities. Online lecture Tues/Thur
Course poster for ARTH 3921W Art of the Film with Brad Stiffler. 4 credits. Writing Intensive. This class meets the lib ed requirement for arts/humanities. Online lecture section Tues/Thurs 12:20-2:15pm plus discussion section. Image: movie theater
Course poster for ARTH 5466 Contemporary Art with Dr. Emily Capper. Spring 2021. Online lecture Mondays 2:30-5pm. Image of an abstract work of art.
Course poster for ARTH 5575 Boom - Bust in American Art with Prof. Jennifer Marshall. Spring 2021. Online lecture: Tues/Thurs 4:00-5:15pm. Image is of a depression-era photograph.
Course poster for ARTH 3309 Renaissance Art with Professor Michael Gaudio. Image of The Peasant Dance by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Online lecture Mon/Wed/Friday 10:10-11:00am
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