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Our alumni are involved in a variety of fields, including industry and academia. Hear about their experiences both as students in the department and their life post-graduation.

Photograph of Anatoly Detwyler.

Anatoly Detwyler

Anatoly Detwyler, now a visiting fellow at Penn State University, speaks about his time as an undergraduate in the Asian languages & literatures program, as well as his current-day projects and interests.
Photograph of Anthony Dodge playing the cello.

Anthony Dodge

In addition to receiving a BS in accounting, Anthony Dodge studied Chinese. While at the U, Dodge competed against over 120 people from 78 countries through the Chinese Bridge competition and in a national TV show in China, eventually placing 1st in the US and top 10 in the world. This competition was rigorous; Dodge gave speeches, acted, danced, sung, and played the cello and erhu throughout 8 episodes.
Teaser Image of John Munson

John Munson

Minneapolis musician John Munson wrote, sang, and played in the '90s cult favorite Trip Shakespeare, as well as multi-platinum-selling hit-makers and Grammy-nominated Semisonic—all while pursuing a degree in Asian languages & literatures.
Teaser Image of Yefei Jin

Yefei Jin

Jin is an alumnus of the University and an now works as an admissions officer for the U. He uses his ALL experience to work in a non-profit organization, help others, and understand the world.