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Holocaust, Genocide, & Mass Violence Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Group

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The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS), the Human Rights Program (HRP), and the Department of Sociology initiated an interdisciplinary graduate group research workshop in the fall of 2012 for graduate students and faculty members of all departments in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Minnesota.

The workshop was founded to foster interdisciplinary conversations on the subject areas of Holocaust studies, genocide and memory, peace and conflict studies, human rights, nationalism and ethnic violence, representations of violence and trauma, conflict resolution, transitional justice, historical consciousness, and collective memory.

The Holocaust, Genocide, & Mass Violence Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Group (HGMV) provides a space for graduate students to support eachother, provide feedback at various stages of the research process, and engage in dialogue with faculty and invited scholars. To join the HGMV listserv please email the coordinator for 2019-2020, Kathryn Huether at hueth006@umn.edu.

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