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Coptic is the final form of the ancient Egyptian language, written in the Greek alphabet, and employed mostly by the Christians of Egypt. Many important religious and philosophical writings from antiquity, including such famous works as the Gospel of Thomas, survive mostly or only in the Coptic language.

In a one-semester course, we gain a basic understanding of Coptic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. A second course offered in the spring will give students a chance to read some of the highlights of Coptic literature, such as the Life of Antony, the Sayings of the Desert Fathers, magical spells, or selections from the so-called Nag Hammadi Library.

Previous study of an ancient language is recommended, but anyone with a strong interest in Coptic culture or Egyptian language is encouraged to enroll.

Coptic cannot be used to fulfill the CLA language requirement.

Courses in Coptic

Coptic is offered every few years.

  • COPT 5001 – Elementary Coptic I (3 cr., fall)
  • COPT 5002 – Elementary Coptic II (3 cr., spring)