Biblical Hebrew

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The sequence in Biblical Hebrew provides a logical introduction to the language, grammar, and vocabulary of the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament, followed by readings in biblical texts. This sequence will benefit students interested in the language, religion, and culture of ancient Israel and the ancient Near East. It will also permit students to read and understand the grammar of medieval and modern Hebrew, and provides the essential background for subsequent work in graduate school or seminary.

Biblical Hebrew as CLA second language requirement

The beginning and intermediate sequence in Biblical Hebrew consists of HEBR 1101, 1102, 3101, and 3102. To fulfill the second language requirement with Biblical Hebrew, you must complete HEBR 3102 with a grade of C- or better (or S). There is no Language Proficiency Exam for Biblical Hebrew.

Courses in Biblical Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew is offered at the beginning and intermediate levels in alternate years and at the advanced level when needed. No courses are offered during the summer.


  • HEBR 1101 – Beginning Biblical Hebrew I (5 cr., every other fall)
  • HEBR 1102 – Beginning Biblical Hebrew II (5 cr., every other spring)


  • HEBR 3101 – Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I (4 cr., every other fall)
  • HEBR 3102 – Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II (4 cr., every other spring)


  • HEBR 3200 / 5200 – Advanced Classical Hebrew (3 cr.)
  • HEBR 3300 / 5300 – Post-Biblical Hebrew: Second Temple Period (3 cr.)
  • HEBR 3400 / 5400 – Rabbinic Texts (3 cr.)