Fall Courses in Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures

Aelia Capitolina

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures offers courses exploring the ancient from from the myths and legends of Greece, Rome, and the Ancient Near East, to the classical epics of Homer, Virgil, and others; from the Hebrew Bible to the figure of Jesus in history; from cross-cultural interaction in the ancient world to ancient views of sexuality and gender.

View our available courses on Schedule Builder, and mark your calendars for when registration opens April 13th.

Don't forget to consider our courses in Latin (LAT), Greek (GRK) and Hebrew (HEBR). All our language tracks offer beginner courses in the fall, so there's no prior language experience required.

Considering majoring or minoring in one of our programs? Learn more on our website or reach out to our Director of Undergraduate Studies Spencer Cole to declare.

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