Majors & Minors


CNRC's new major and minors are at the last stages of the approval process and will be available starting in Spring 2023. The new departmental major will allow students to take advantage of CNRC's full range of course offerings in one of two sub-plans—the CNRC sub-plan and the Languages and Literature sub-plan. Students in the CNRC sub-plan take courses in three interrelated areas: State, Self, and Social Power; Literature and Intellectual History; and Religious Discourse, Authority, and Practice. Students in the Languages and Literature subplan take specific introductory courses and then can go on to study Greek, Latin, or Modern Hebrew. Please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Spencer Cole if you are interested in exploring the new major. 

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures offers three undergraduate program options:

Our major and minor programs are part of a rigorous and exciting liberal arts education that emphasizes:

  • Critical reading and thinking skills
  • Effective oral and written communication of information and ideas
  • A thorough understanding of the methods by which society, culture, and language are studied

Our students are prepared not only for graduate work in fields such as ancient Near Eastern studies, biblical studies, and classics, but also for any professional training or career that requires critical thinking and communication skills.

All of our majors provide a good foundation for law school or—with appropriate coursework—medical school, as well as any number of other careers.

Our minor programs allow students to develop their knowledge and skills in an area of the department beyond the intermediate level while they pursue majors and career goals in another field.

For more information or to declare, contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies.