Complaint Policy

The Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic prohibits action against any privacy complainant.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule protects patient health information. If a patient believes the Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is in violation of compliancy regulation, the patient has the right to file a complaint. Our clinic addresses complaints seriously and will review each complaint and initiate an investigation. Results of the investigation will enable the Julia M. Davis-Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic to take appropriate action.

Privacy and Security Office

The University of Minnesota has established the Privacy and Security Office to be responsible for the development, implementation, and enforcement of policies, procedures, and compliancy training. The Privacy and Security Office ensures that the University of Minnesota and its components uphold HIPAA regulations regarding the privacy of protected health information.

Privacy and security officers are responsible for developing and implementing University policies in compliance with HIPAA regulations and responding to complaints regarding those policies, procedures, and practices. The privacy coordinator helps ensure compliance with University and component-specific policies and procedures and acts as a liaison to privacy and security officers.

The University of Minnesota is a Hybrid Entity under the HIPAA Privacy Regulations. As a Hybrid Entity, the University must protect health-related information and activities. Departments within the University that handle health-related information and provide health-related services are identified as “covered components.” The Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is a covered component and has named a privacy coordinator to assist with responsibilities of training and communication.

HIPAA Complaint Process

With the privacy officer's approval, the Davis Center will first attempt to settle informal complaints or disagreements through informal meetings and discussions. If a formal complaint is filed, a more comprehensive process is initiated, which includes documentation of the complaint received, process of investigation, resolution of the complaint, and formal action.


In accordance with the Department of Health & Human Services, a complaint must be filed within 180 days of when the complainant knew that the act of omission occurred.


  • A written complaint may be filed with the Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic with the Privacy Coordinator or Clinic Director.
  • A written complaint may also be sent to the Office for Civil Rights, in the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic will use the HIPAA Complaint Report Form for receiving complaints regarding the clinic’s privacy practices and compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Regulations.
  • The privacy coordinator or clinic director will contact the University of Minnesota’s privacy and security officer upon receiving the complaint and submit all materials and information to the privacy and security officer.


The privacy officerr will facilitate the investigation of the complaint and provide response to the complainant and/or instruction to the Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Clinic. The privacy coordinator will assist where appropriate.


Workforce members will be subject to disciplinary action for failure to comply with the HIPAA privacy regulations. Action can range from re-training on the privacy rule to termination depending on the level of violation. A knowing and willful violation of the HIPAA regulations can result in criminal prosecution.


The privacy coordinator and privacy officer will maintain records of all complaints received, dates of action, and disposition. If disciplinary action is taken as a result of a compliancy complaint, the record is maintained for at least 7 years.