Adjust Order of Menu Items (Dept)

These instructions are specifically for those with access to their department sites. If your page does not look similar to the one in the gif, you must use a different process. 
To change the order of menu items within your site:
  • open, (or /arthistory, or /psychology)
  • click on group,
  • then menu,
  • then list links,
  • find the menu item you'd like to move among the list (please note that the indentation denotes the hierarchy of the site),
  • use the  icon to drag pages around.
  • Once you have the menu the way you'd like, click Save configuration.
Depending on your browser and the version of that browser, the drag feature can be buggy, so if things get moved incorrectly, don't save the page but rather refresh it to start over.
Below is a gif of this process: