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Spring 2019 Graduate Courses

All courses below count toward the Graduate Minor in Early Modern Studies. Please contact the home department and/or instructor for full details on each course.

  • EMS 5500-001/HSCI 5611: Enlightenment, Victor Boantza
  • EMS 8500-001/ENGL 8110: The Reception of Biblical and Classical Textuality in the Medieval & Early Modern West, Andrew Scheil
  • EMS 8500-002/ENGL 8150: Seminar in Shakespeare and Biography from Archive to Fanfiction, Katherine Scheil
  • EMS 8500-003/HIST 8540: The Premodern Mediterranean, Kathryn Reyerson
  • EMS 8500-004/HSCI 8125: The Scientific Revolution, Victor Boantza
  • EMS 8500-005/PHIL 8090: Understanding Locke's Essay, Jessica Gordon-Roth
  • EMS 8500-006/HIST 8960: Topics in History: Migration and Mobility in the Early Modern Atlantic, Sarah C. Chambers
  • EMS 8250/ARTH 8320: Early Modern Archives, Katherine Gerbner, Sinem Casale
  • EMS 8100: Workshop in Early Modern Hisotry, Sarah C. Chambers

Course offerings change each semester. Check out listings from previous semesters below: