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Spring 2018 Graduate Courses

All courses below count toward the Graduate Minor in Early Modern Studies. Please contact the home department and/or instructor for full details on each course.

  • EMS 8100 - Workshop in Early Modern Studies
  • ENGL 8150 - Global Shakespeare 
  • HIST 9540- Topics in Mediterranean Studies: North Africa: The Conquerors and the Conquered from the Rise of Islam through the Colonial Era
  • HIST 8900 - Premodern European Urban History
  • HIST 8960 - Food, Magic, Medicine: History of the Atlantic World, 1500-1800
  • HSCI 5611/3611 / EMS 5500-003 - Enlightenment, Revolution, and the Rise of Modern Science.

Course offerings change each semester. Check out listings from previous semesters below: