Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the early modern studies graduate minor. If your question is not addressed here, please consult the current Early Modern Studies Graduate Student Handbook or contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

  • How do I apply for the minor program?

    Fill out the application and return it to the Early Modern studies Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in 1030 Heller Hall.

  • I received my MA from a different institution. Can I transfer some of those credits to complete the Early Modern studies minor?

    Yes. Students with graduate credit from other institutions may use transfer credits to fulfill the elective requirements of the Early Modern studies minor. It must, however, be done in consultation with the early modern studies DGS, and courses must still be outside of the person’s major field. For example, a student completing a PhD in history cannot transfer credits from history courses completed during their MA at a different institution.

  • Can I complete the minor if I am already ABD (All But Dissertation)?

    No. Unfortunately, the graduate school requires all students to declare a minor before they have completed their preliminary examinations.

  • What if I am a PhD student who chose to complete an MA at the end of my second year? Can I have a minor for both degrees?

    Yes. You will need to complete the additional requirements for the PhD level minor.

  • Will the workshop credits count toward my department’s degree progress?

    That is hard to say since the requirements for coursework vary by department. Check with the DGS in your home department.

  • What if I have taken a course that focused on the early modern period, but it is not listed as pre-approved elective?

    Topics courses in other disciplines may count as electives if they are not in a your home department and they are cross-listed as EMS 8500. If an appropriate course is not cross-listed as EMS 8500, then you may petition the early modern studies DGS to have the elective count toward the requirement. After you submit a petition form, the DGS may discuss a petition with you at their annual review.

  • May I take EMS 8250 (Current Research and Methodologies in EMS) more than once?

    Yes. EMS 8250 may be taken for a second semester with different instructors and counted as an elective.

  • Do courses taken with a pass/fail or S/N grading option count toward the minor in early modern studies coursework requirements?

    No. All courses counted toward the minor, with the exception of 8100, must be taken for a letter grade. Pass/fail or S/N grades will not be accepted.