Personalized Guidance

CLA career counselor advising a student

We’re here to help you explore opportunities, navigate your path, and make the most of the career advantage your liberal arts education gives you.

Every student’s pathway in CLA looks a little different. So we frame and support student success in ways that best serve your particular interests, strengths, and values. We want to make sure you get the most benefit from your experiences in CLA.

CLA Advising

CLA provides one-on-one, personalized advising for every single student, throughout their four years with us. All students in CLA are assigned a college advisor who stays with them from orientation through graduation.

Your CLA Advisor can guide you in considering a major, choosing courses, exploring  your interests, considering career paths, finding your place at the U, graduate program planning, extracurriculars, and more. They work with "the whole you" in mind, helping you through all the successes and bumps along your path to a degree. 

CLA Career Coaching

A CLA education, with the versatility of its 10 Core Career Competencies, is designed to make sure you have a direct path to a career no matter what you major in.

What’s more, CLA has its own Career Services office to support you in your preparation to enter the job market or graduate programs. Our career coaches can meet with you in appointments and give you online tools to actively engage you in the process of exploring possible careers, gaining meaningful experience, and building skills that help you excel after graduation.