Heller-Hurwicz Launches New Podcast

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Welcome to Heller-Hurwicz Office Hours, a new podcast featuring University of Minnesota economists and their research. Each episode, join host Chris Farrell, senior economics contributor at Minnesota Public Radio, in conversation with Minnesota economists. In the podcast we’ll explore economic topics that impact our daily lives and discuss economic research aimed at improving our understanding of major societal challenges. We’ll highlight how careful economic research can inform policy decisions on topics ranging from taxes to international trade, minimum wage to inequality.

New episodes will release each Wednesday.

In our first two episodes, V.V. Chari will discuss the role of economists in today's world and Anusha Nath will share research on Minneapolis' and St. Paul's minimum wage increases announced in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Professor VV Chari

Who was Walter Heller? Who was Leo Hurwicz? Why was the Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute created? And what value can economists bring to policymakers? V.V. Chari, founding director of HHEI, will address these questions and more in his episode. 

Listen to Episode 1: VV Chari on the Role of Economists in Today's World.


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Why is minimum wage so controversial? Since Minneapolis and St. Paul each announced increases in the minimum wage, what impacts have we seen on the labor market? What are the tradeoffs policymakers should consider in evaluating minimum wage increases? In her episode, Anusha Nath, economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, reviews the initial results from the Fed's long-term minimum wage study.

Listen to Episode 2: Anusha Nath on the Minimum Wage.

Want to learn more? Join us for our May 9 event, Raising the Minimum Wage? Insights from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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