LC Grad-Community Pop-In: Resources and Services for Job Hunting & Career Exploration

A group of students with laptops sitting at a table outside on Northrop Mall.
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In an effort to promote community and shared knowledge, the Language Center invites all graduate students to participate in periodic get togethers. This is the final event of Fall 2021.

Whether you are currently job hunting (or thinking about it) or not, being aware of the resources available in CLA to support your job search is crucial for success. In this session, we will learn about resources, and will discuss questions related to the search process such as:

  • What careers might be a good fit for your degree program?
  • How can the college support graduate students navigate the search process?
  • What services can graduate students access to assist them in their search process?
  • What are some strategies that have been identified to increase opportunities for success?
  • How early should students start thinking about job hunting?

Guests: Wendy Friedmeyer, Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, and Mackenzie Sullivan, Director of Graduate Student Career Services

All participants will be entered into a raffle for four $25 debit cards at each session (some restrictions apply).

Questions? Comments? Please reach out to Dr. Adolfo Carrillo Cabello at

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