Reflecting on the Dreams of the Chicago Freedom Movement and Their Pursuit for Fair Housing

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The 1960s Chicago Freedom Movement, one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s most under analyzed forms of racial protest, is a time period worth reexamining. Chicago was one of the most residentially segregated cities in the country in the mid 1960s. Black home buyers were effectively barred from predominantly white neighborhoods. Through organizing and protest the Chicago Freedom Movement advocated for “open housing” – the right for Black home buyers to purchase anywhere they wish. Dr. King and his team would send large numbers of Black people into suburban real estate offices to “test” whether or not the real estate agent would make properties available for them to view or not. They aimed to uncover discriminatory practices which were confirmed time and time again. 

While we have made progress since the Chicago Freedom Movement and the passage of the Fair Housing Act in1968, this panel aims to reflect on what has changed since Martin Luther King Jr. and his fellow organizers piloted testing to prove discriminatory practices were persisting and perhaps what still needs to change.

Following the virtual roundtable discussion, audience members will be able to submit questions for the panel to consider. 



  • Dr. Brittany Lewis, Founder & CEO of Research in Action and Sr. Research Associate at CURA (‘15 PhD, feminist studies)


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