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Professor McNulty of the philosophy department

Philosophy, Sports, and the Public Sphere

If there is anything that philosophy has nothing to say about, one might think it’s sports. But in Spring 2017, philosophy professor Bennett McNulty showed otherwise, teaching a course entitled Sports, Reason, and Society. Highlighting the moral problems that arise in professional sports, McNulty shows how philosophy is especially suited to foster a sense of social, civic, and ethical engagement.
Black and white photo of Dessa singing into a microphone

Dessa Hits a Career Milestone with Orchestra Hall Performance

Philosophy alum Dessa’s sold-out orchestral debut was met with broad acclaim. The concert’s narrative about jettisoning old love was fueled, in part, by a neuroscience collaboration with the University’s Center for Magnetic Resonance Research. Associate Professor Cheryl Olman (psychology) and researchers Andrea Grant (radiology) and Philip Burton (CLA) started working with Dessa last November to turn her brain into art for an evening of entertainment and education.

Most Philosophers Favor Efforts To Broaden The Discipline

Last year, Valerie Tiberius, professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota, conducted what she called “The Value of Philosophy Survey.” Over 2,500 philosophers responded to the survey, which asked 24 questions, and in her Presidential Address at the Central Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA) last month, Professor Tiberius discussed the results.
Portrait: Roy T. Cook in his office, sitting in front of shelves full of comic books

The Lego Philosopher

Roy T. Cook doesn’t look like a stereotypical philosophy professor. He doesn’t smoke a pipe, have a beard or wear tweed jackets. Instead, he has a tattoo on his arm depicting the panels on the chest of the R2-D2 “Star Wars” droid.
Side by side portraits: Roy Cook and Chris Nagel

Graffiti, DJs, and Comic Books

Both Chris Nagel and Roy T. Cook spend a lot of time thinking about underappreciated art forms. Nagel argues that street art challenges popular notions of what art is, and holds that DJ sets are no less musical works than is Beethoven’s Fifth. Cook explores the philosophical implications of popular art, including comic books, designer toys, and LEGO sculptures.
Maddy Gluek from philosophy headshot

The Practical Side of Philosophy

Maddy Glueck finds her studies in sociology and philosophy to be complementary. Her research assistantship over the summer gave her the opportunity to apply the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills she developed in both disciplines towards a positive end. Though unsure of her future plans, her studies have provided her with a readiness that is, as she puts it, “good for life in general”, wherever it might lead her.

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