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Dissertation Development Fellowships

Each year, the Center for Premodern Studies (CPS) (formerly the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World) provides funding for five to six graduate students beginning their dissertation research to participate in a Dissertation Development Fellowship Program. This summer the workshop led by Professor Michael Gaudio of the Department of Art History. The workshop helps doctoral students to launch their projects by thinking about their scholarship in comparative, premodern, global, and interdisciplinary ways. The call for Summer 2022 Dissertation Development Fellowships is available at now at Applications are due Friday, February 4, 2022.

Research Workshops

The Center for Premodern Studies funds approximately twenty research workshops each academic year. These faculty- and graduate student-led initiatives involve scholars at the University as well as partners at local, national, and international institutions. Research workshops address intellectual questions in global premodern studies; their activities range from reading groups and seminars to symposia and conferences. Learn more about our research workshops.

Saltus Grants

The Center for Premodern Studies’ Saltus Grants support graduate students in expanding or strengthening their work as scholars of Premodern Studies. They encourage students to take a leap toward a new skill or perspective in their scholarship or career. Saltus Grants contribute to professional goals and are complementary to research project/s. Prioritizing new skills, platforms and approaches, Saltus Grants fund opportunities beyond regular research. We strongly encourage students to consult with us prior to submitting their application to determine if their proposed project is suitable for this grant. Applications for the next round of Saltus Grants are due on December 15, 2021. Full details are available at