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Courses in religious studies offer contextualized approaches to religious subject matter.  Most of our courses originate in other CLA departments, including history, Asian languages and literatures, Classical and Near Eastern studies, anthropology and others. The courses we crosslist examine religious experience, ideas, and practices within the historical, social, political, economic, and literary contexts that inform the

Spring 2020

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
RELS 5001Theory and Method in the Study of Religion: Critical Approaches to the...Sections [1]
RELS 5612Baroque Rome: Art and Politics in the Papal CapitalSections [1]
RELS 5993Directed StudiesSections [1]
RELS 8190Comparative Seminar in Religions in AntiquitySections [1]

Fall 2020

There are no RELS courses available for Fall 2020.
Please see for more info.