St. Peter's Basilica or 'Basilica di San Pietro,' Rome

St. Peter's Basilica or 'Basilica di San Pietro,' Rome
St. Peter's Basilica or 'Basilica di San Pietro,' Rome

What happens to people who major in Religious Studies?

  • Richard Pittman Jr. (BA 2018) is now the Youth President of the NAACP of the Roy Wilkins Branch of Saint Paul, MN. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. as well as an Elder inside of the Church Of God In Christ where he serves in multiple capacities.
  • Ryan Heckman (BA 2014) is now Grassroots Gift Officer at Headwaters Foundation for Justice where he inspires giving to support nonprofit organizations working at the root causes of social injustices in Minnesota. He is also a Fundraising Coach with Outstanding Returns, a national philanthropic advising group.
  • Mayada Mahmoud (BA 2012) is the Administrative Program Manager for the Islamic Resource Group where she helps professional organizations facilitate IRG's mission to build bridges of understanding between Muslim Americans and the broader community through education.
  • Sara-Jo Swiatek (BA 2009) is now a PhD Candidate in Religious Ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Her dissertation project, tentatively titled "Religion within the Boundaries of Technicity," explores the conditions for the possibility of moral agency in the so-called Digital Age.

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