Congratulations to Professor Nabil Mater on the Publication of His New Book!

RELS Professor Nabil Mater has recently published a new book: Mediterranean Captivity through Arab Eyes 1517-1798

Nabil Matar is the Presidential Professor in the President’s Interdisciplinary Initiative on Arts & Humanities and teaches in the English and history departments and in the religious studies program. Matar's Mediterranean Captivity through Arab Eyes 1517-1798 examines the distinct Arabic narrative of captivity. Consulting archives from Tunis to London and from Fez to Paris, Valletta and Rome, Matar has collected, translated, and contextualized the anecdotes, recollections, reports, miracles, letters, fatawa, exempla, and short accounts that cumulatively recount the Arabic stories of the captives, in the captives' native language and idiom.

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