Dear God

Presented by the Fourth Year UMN/Guthrie BFA Acting Company
Dear God poster by Alison Hribar
Poster by Alison Hribar
Event Date & Time

Dear God, by Michael Punter

World Premiere on May 7 & 8, 2021

Presented by the Fourth Year UMN/Guthrie BFA Acting Company

An original commission written for the company by Michael Punter.

Directed by Hayley Finn.

Illustrated by Gracie Stockton.

The Fourth Year UMN/Guthrie BFA Acting Company presents the world premiere of Dear God, by Michael Punter, an original commission for the company.

From the playwright: Dear God is a fantasy set in modern-day America. It contains many of the things we see in the news presently, including intolerance, prejudice and violence. But it also contains friendship, love and several miracles. It’s about how I see the US as a regular visitor to its shores: a young country, wrestling with a troubled past but pretty-much boundless in its potential and enthusiasm to make a better future…

Premiering in two parts on May 7 & 8, 2021 at 7:30pm CST. 
Dear God will premiere virtually on UMTAD's Vimeo page.

Can't make the premiere? Don't fret! Dear God will stay on our Vimeo page through July 2021.

Learn more about Michael Punter at
Poster by Alison Hribar.


Nigel Berkeley    David Lawler    
Chase Bishop    Nils Lund, Mr. Rafters    
Josh Brelsford    Deputy Arnie Peters, News Voices    
Cody C Carlson    Jimmy Iverssen    
Emmeline Chuy    Maura Albright, Shadow    
Amy Eckberg    Bentley Patience    
Samantha Glasse    Shyla Wright    
Sarah Goldman    Cynthia Wright, News Voices    
Antonio Rios-Luna    Charles Fayez    
Frankie Goodman    Mayor Dawn Manders, News Voices    
Sebastian Grim    Jordan Eckhardt    
Isa Guitian    Rowena Ockham, Angel Gabriel    
Cooper Lajeunesse    Simon Jones    
Gus Mahoney    Stephen Cyrus, Floor Manager, Shadow    
Clara Marsh    Nancy Lund, Shadow, Patty    
Nnamdi Darlington    Pastor Scarborough    
Jordan Reising    Shannon Emms    
Tori Wheeler    Pamela Cyrus    


Hayley Finn    Director    
Michael Punter    Playwright    
Rachel Brees    Sound Designer/Composer    
Gracie Stockton    Visual Artist/Media Designer/Video Editor    
Peter Morrow    Video Designer    
Ella Egan    Props Designer    
Elisabette Hinze    Costume Coordinator    
Matt LeFebvre    Costume Coordinator    
Mary Shabatura    Lighting Designer    
Alexa Lewis    Audio Technician    
Sydney Schaeffer    Audio Technician    
Emiliano Silva Izquierdo    Dialogue and sound effects editor    
Emily Rosenberg    Marketing Associate    
Noelle Kirscht    Workshop Stage Manager    
Christine M. Swartwout    Rehearsal Stage Manager    
Remmi Middleton    Production Assistant    
Ella Egan    Production Assistant    
Aaron Todd Douglas    BFA Program Director    
Deborah Pearson    BFA Program Administrator    
Zeb Hults    Interim Production Manager    
Jason Allyn-Schwerin    Technical Director    
Mathew LeFebvre    Resident Costume Designer    
Marcus Dilliard    Resident Lighting Designer    
Chelsea Warren    Resident Scenic Designer    
Susan Pettigrew    Costume Shop Manager    
Montana Johnson    Audio/Media Supervisor    
Bill Healey    Lighting Supervisor    
Christine M. Swartwout    Production Stage Manager    
Abbee Warmboe    Props Coordinator

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