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Political Science .
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Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Political Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1973.

Curriculum Vitae


  • African politics
  • comparative politics
  • ethnic politics
  • Marxism
  • political development
  • politics of the transition to socialism
  • political economy
Courses Taught
  • Pol 3379 - Politics of Race, Class and Ethnicity
  • Pol 4255 - Comparative Real Time Political Analysis: Marxist versus Liberal Perspectives
  • Pol 4463 - Cuban Revolution
  • Pol 4478 - Contemporary Politics in Africa and the Colonial Legacy
  • Pol 8633 - Comparative Sociopolitical Change
  • Marxism versus Liberalism: Comparative Real-Time Political Analysis. Nimtz, August, Palgrave Macmillan, Author, 2019.
  • Lenin's Electoral Strategy from 1907 to the October Revolution of 1917: The Ballot, the Streets-or Both. Nimtz, August, Palgrave Macmillan, Author, 2014.
  • Lenin's Electoral Strategy from Marx and Engels through the Revolution of 1905: The Ballot, the Streets-or Both. Nimtz, August, Palgrave Macmillan, Author, 2014.
  • "Marx and Engels's Electoral Strategy: The Alleged versus The Real." New Political Science (Sept. 2010)
  • "A Return to Lenin--but without Marx and Engels?" Science & Society. Oct. 2009.
  • "Cuban Solidarity and Disaster Response," Latin American Perspectives (March 2009)
  • “The Eurocentric Marx and Engels and Other Related Myths,“Marxism, Modernity and Postcolonial Studies, eds. Crystal Bartolovich and Neil Lazarus (Cambridge U.P.; 2002) 9,477 words. Translated into Chinese in China Left Review (Spring 2009)
  • "The Rapist Returns: More Lessons from Katrina's Aftermath," MRzine [Monthly Review on-line publication] Sept. 9, 2007
  • "Fení´menos naturais versus fení´menos socais: Cuba e as Lií§íµes do Katrina," Cadernos do CEAS [Centro de Estudos e Aí§í£o Social] 225 [January/March 2007] ["Natural versus Social Phenomenon; Cuba and the Lessons of Katrina," Journal of the Center for the Study of Social Action {Salvador, Bahia, Brazil}]. [This is a translation of my Nov. 2006 article originally published in Black Scholar.]
  • “Natural versus Social Phenomena: Cuba and the Lessons of Katrina,“The Black Scholar. Vol. 36, No. 4 (Nov. 2006)
  • “Engels.“History of World Trade since 1450. ed. John McCusker (Thomson, 2006)
  • “Cuba and the Lessons of Katrina.“MRZine: Monthly Review. Nov. 18, 2005.
  • Marx, Tocqueville, and Race in America: The “˜Absolute Democracy’ or “˜Defiled Republic’ (Lanham, MD.: Lexington Books, 2003)
  • “Marx and Engels: The Prototypical Transnational Actors,“Restructuring World Politics: Transnational Social Movements, Networks, and Norms, eds. Kathryn Sikkink, James Riker, Sanjeev Khagram. (University of Minnesota Press; 2002)
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  • "Marx and Engels - The Unsung Heroes of the Democratic Breakthrough" Science & Society, Vol. 63, no. 2, 203-231 (Summer, 1999). Translated into Chinese in Shehuizhuyi yanjiu [Socialist Studies], 2002; available at Chinese Political Science Net .
  • Marxism: An Interpretive Essay: Nimtz, August, The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World, Oxford University Press, 569-575, 1993.
  • “Statement: Proceedings of the Conference on African-Americans and the Right to Self- Determination, Hamline University School of Law,“ Hamline Law Review, Vol. 17 (Fall 1993), No.1
  • Horace T. Morse-University of Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education, 2001 - 2002
  • College of Liberal Arts Teaching Award, 1991