Collegiate Affiliation

I have made a career out of being the person I needed as a first generation, Vietnamese girl navigating systems that were foreign to me and my parents. My grandma always said that my hands were made for writing, not manual labor, and despite falling short on my grades, I never left the world of education. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors in Child Psychology and Bethel University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. 

My experiences as a struggling student informs how I can show up as an educational professional and in life, it’s taught me to always leverage my strengths even if my flaws are more obvious. Grades didn’t measure everything, didn’t represent everything I learned in life, and did not define how smart I really am! I have built my professional career over the last 12 years working in education, as a teacher, counselor, and associate dean with an understanding of the system and how I can support students who are missed by it. 

College years are critical times where one begins to understand the world, themselves, and their path - the confusion was a crippling time for me - but it was also my come up. I find my purpose in making sure people aren’t alone and can find some empowerment in this process. I’m excited to be back where it all started for me, CLA! 

I live off espresso and milk tea, I yoga sculpt to counter-balance my hurried and future focused tendencies, and I love to explore Minneapolis with my husband and two sons. I’m always down to eat some good food and Minneapolis/St. Paul’s food scene has always delivered, food and ambiance wise.