Arthur E Walzer

My scholarship centers on the history of rhetoric, especially rhetoric in Ancient Athens and Rome and British rhetoric during the Renaissance and Enlightenment. I am currently working on the Renaissance writer Thomas Elyot (1490-1546). I have also long been interested in ethical concerns that rhetorical discourse raises.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

Curriculum Vitae


  • History of Rhetoric
  • Rhetoric and Ethics, Moral Philosophy
  • Civic Rhetoric
  • Classical Rhetoric
  • Renaissance Rhetoric
  • Eighteenth-Century Rhetoric
Courses Taught
  • Perspectives on Ethics,RhetoricClassical, Modern, Postmodern:
  • Perspectives on Knowledge, Power, Rhetoric in 18th Century
  • Rhetorical Theory: Classical Era
  • Rhetorical Theory: Modern Era
  • Rhetorical Fictions and 20th Century Conflicts
  • George Campbell: Rhetoric in the Age of Enlightenment. Walzer, Arthur, State University of New York Press, Author, 2002.
  • Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition. Walzer, Arthur, Richard Graff and Janet Atwill, State University of New York Press, Co-Editor, 2005.
  • Rereading Aristotle's Rhetoric.. Walzer, Arthur, Alan Gross and Michael Tiffany, Southern Illinois University Press, Co-Editor, 2000.
  • Fellow, Rhetoric Society of America: for Contributions to the Study of Rhetoric, 2004
  • Distinguished Teacher Award, College of Ag, University of Minnesota, 1991