Collegiate Affiliation

Prof. Bouchard (now semi-retired) is Director of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research. The primary research project being carried out under the auspices of the center was the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart (MISTRA). The study had two parts. The first part involved a week long medical and psychological assessment of identical (monozygotic) and fraternal (dizygotic) twins separated early in life and reared apart. Spouses participate in the study when it is possible for them to participate (if they agree to participate and the study had the funds to bring them to Minnesota). The psychological part of the assessment included multiple measures of personality, mental abilities, values, psychological interests, psychomotor skills, reading, spelling, writing, and a variety of miscellaneous psychological tests (Stroop Color Word Test, Barron-Welsh Art Scale, Morningness-Eveningness Scale, etc.). The medical assessment includes a psychiatric interview (Diagnostic Interview Schedule) a medical life history interview, a standard blood battery, blood for zygosity testing, wearing a 24 hour heart monitor and detailed dental and periodontal examinations. The study began in 1979 and was completed in 2000. The center continues to be engaged in data analysis. Copies of center publications can be obtained from Prof. Bouchard by e-mail

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: , University of California at Berkeley, 1966 -


  • adoption
  • behavior genetics
  • environmental influence on behavior
  • evolutionary pscyhology assessment
  • genetics and intelligence
  • individual differences
  • mental abilities
  • nature vs. nuture
  • twins