Collegiate Affiliation

Several years after graduating from Colgate University with a BA in philosophy but no clear career path in sight, I realized I could go back to college!  Not only could I attend grad school (which I did, earning a MA in Counseling & Student Development from the University of Iowa), but I could also spend my career on a college campus supporting students on their journeys (which I've mostly done...with a few rewarding detours). 

While at the University of Iowa my experiences varied. I did a little bit of everything from providing career coaching to supporting new student orientation to leadership development and student activities. Eventually, I moved into fundraising, advancement, and external relations work. Since returning home to the Twin Cities, I've worked at different mission-driven organizations  including the University of Minnesota, Augsburg, and the YMCA. Nearly eight years ago, I pivoted again and took a position at a non-profit called Community Action where I was able to combine my diverse professional experiences to support people striving to overcome barriers including poverty and racism so they can thrive personally, educationally, and in their careers. Across these many roles I have been both an individual contributor and a leader of large teams.  In 2022, ready for a new adventure, I was excited to return to the University of Minnesota to help increase opportunities for undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts.