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C. Daniel Myers is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. He received his Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University and completed post-doctoral training at the University of Michigan as part of the Robert Wood Johnson Scholars in Health Policy Program. His research lies at the intersection of political psychology and political communication and focuses on the communicative process that drive, and that might reduce, group-based polarization. Much of his work studies the effects of new political institutions inspired by deliberative democratic theory. He also conducts research on experimental methods and causal inference in political science. His work has appeared in the Journal of Politics, Political Analysis, Political Behavior, the Journal of Theoretical Politics, the Journal of Public Deliberation, and the Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • B.A.: Allegheny College, 2005.
  • Ph.D.: Princeton University, 2011.

Curriculum Vitae


  • American Politics, Political Psychology, Political Communication, Experimental Methods, Deliberative Democracy
Courses Taught
  • POL 1001: American Politics in a Changing World
  • POL 1903: Freshman Seminar; Deliberation in the 2016 Election
  • POL 3108H: Honors Thesis Tutorial and Political Science Inquiry
  • POL 3767 Political Psychology of Elite Behavior
  • POL 8160: Experimental Methods and Causal Inference
  • POL 8307-8308: Proseminar in Political Psychology
  • POL 8360: Small Group Processes and Democratic Deliberation
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