Collegiate Affiliation

I am part of the Curriculum & Assessment Team and help coordinate the Career Management Courses. I support instructors and TAs and teach a couple courses, so you might have me as your CLA 3002 or CLA 3201 instructor!I love teaching and thinking about curriculum because when I was deciding my major in college, I ended up choosing both of my majors, Linguistics and Computer Science, because of the incredible professors I had. I want to create courses that talk about things in your career path and decision making that are important to you. My hope is the topics and assignments we have in the career management courses make your future career tasks easier and help you feel connected to everyone around you who is also exploring their careers.I’ve been a career coach who specialized in working with folks interested in tech, business, and pre-health, taught career courses at the University of Vermont, worked at a tech startup, been a bike mechanic, and more, and all of these experiences impact how I think about my current job. When not in Bruininks, I love biking around the chain of lakes, fermenting random fridge items, picnicking with a good cheese board, and trying to keep my house plants alive.