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John R. Freeman (Ph.D., University of Minnesota, l978) is the John Black Johnston Distinguished Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has been a visiting professor at the University Michigan and a consultant to international businesses, banks, the armed services and law firms. Among his honors are the Morse-Alumni All-University and College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Teaching Awards. Freeman is the author of Democracy and Markets: The Politics of Mixed Economies (Cornell University Press) and the co-author of Three Way Street: Strategic Reciprocity in World Politics (University of Chicago Press). The first of these books won the International Studies Association's Quincy Wright Award. It has been translated into Chinese. Freeman also edited three volumes of Political Analysis (University of Michigan Press). He has (co)authored numerous research articles in academic journals. Many of Freeman's research projects have been supported by the National Science Foundation. The Bank Austria Foundation and Austrian Ministry of Science also have supported his research.

Freeman has held many professional posts including President of the American Political Science Association's Section for Political Methodology. In addition, he has been a member of three NSF review panels and of three NSF select committees. At present, Freeman is engaged in several research projects. One analyzes the implications of economic globalization--especially financial integration--for democratization and political accountability. Another applies Bayesian time series methods in the study of intra and international political conflict. It develops a technology to forecast conflict in the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia. The NSF supported this project.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1978.

Curriculum Vitae


  • political economy
  • international relations
  • methodology
Courses Taught
  • POL8120: Core Course in Models and Methods
  • POL8125: Dynamic Analysis
  • POL8637: Comparative Political Economy
  • HSEM3052: Democracy and Markets
  • HSEM3050: The Politics of World Trade and Money
  • POL1025: Global Politics
  • POL4481/5481 Governments and Markets
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Panelist and External Reviewer: National Science Foundation
  • Participant: Joint Princeton University-Peking University Conference on International Political Economy, Beijing , Dec 2008
  • Instructor: Bloc Courses in Time Series Analysis, University of Freiburg, June 2008; Academia Sinica (IPSAS), Taipei, July 2009.
  • Erdös Number: 4
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  • The Politics of Indebted Economic Growth 1985. Denver Monograph Series in World Affairs. Denver, Colorado: University of Denver.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Political Methodology Section, American Political Science Association, 2014
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Political Analysis, 2014
  • Michael Wallerstein Award for Best Paper Published in Political Economy in 2012, With Dennis Quinn for “The Economic Origins of Democracy Reconsidered. APSA Section in Political Economy.
  • Development of a Technology for Real-Time Ex Ante Forecasting of Intra and International Conflict Patrick Brandt and Philip Schrodt collaborators, The National Science Foundation, 2009-2011
  • Fellow, Political Methodology Section/Society, American Political Science Association, 2008
  • Gosnell Award, for best research on political methodology presented at a conference. With Jeff Gill for “Dynamic Elicited Priors for Updating Covert Networks,“ 2008
  • Robert H. Durr Award, Best Paper Applying Quantitative Methods to A Substantive Problem in Political Science (with T.Sattler & P. Brandt), 2006
  • Government Responsibility Attributions and the Room to Maneuver Debate, TESS, National Science Foundation, 2005 - 2006
  • Bayesian Time Series Models for the Analysis of International Conflict, Research Grant, National Science Foundation, 2004 - 2006
  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Science, 2009
  • CLA Deans Medal for Excellence in Research, 2009
  • Fellow, Political Methodology Section, American Political Science Association, 2008
  • McKnight Distinguished University Professorship
  • Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education
  • Academy of Distinguished Teachers, University of Minnesota
  • Morse-Alumni Teaching Award, CLA Teaching Award
  • Distinguished Teaching Award. College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota