Collegiate Affiliation

Supports all CLA students;  specializes in supporting students with Government & International Affairs and Human & Community Service Career Field interests and students seeking support with graduate school planning.

Many years ago, at the tender age of 14, I decided what my career would be. I was going to get my Bachelor’s, go to graduate school, and become a tenured professor. I did the first two- I received my Bachelor’s from the University of Minnesota in 2015 and I went on to earn my PhD at Arizona State University in 2022. However, in my last year of graduate school, I realized that being a professor was not what I wanted to do. I’ve been passionate about student success since I first began teaching Freshman Writing & Composition at Arizona State. It was exciting help students navigate their first year of college and guide them towards their passions and success. Being a career counselor enables me to help students across years and majors find fulfillment in college and their future careers. 

I am evidence to students that just because you think you’ve made your decision about your career, you can change your mind. The skills that you learn in college can be applied to a variety of careers—even if you think you pigeon-holed yourself into seemingly one career like me. I encourage students to follow their passions or hold onto their practical goals but also to keep their minds open to pathways that they had never considered. 

Lastly, some facts about me are that I love horror and anything spooky-adjacent, and I spend my free time crocheting or weaving on my loom. I’ve also driven across the country six times with my two cats in the backseat. I hope I never have to do that again.