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Fatih Guvenen is the Curtis L. Carlson professor of economics at the University of Minnesota and a research associate in the NBER’s Economic Fluctuations and Growth Program. He also serves as an adviser to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He received his bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in economics from Carnegie Mellon University. He has held visiting or full-time academic positions at various institutions, including the University of Rochester, New York University’s Stern School of Business, Yale University, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Guvenen’s research focuses on macroeconomic issues in the presence of vast inequality and heterogeneity, which are central features of modern economies. His papers have appeared in the American Economic Review, Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of the European Economic Association, and Journal of Monetary Economics, among others, and have been covered in the media (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New Yorker, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, among others). His work has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Retirement Research Consortium, the Russell Sage Foundation, and other organizations.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Economics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2001.
  • M.A.: Economics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1998.
  • B.Sc.: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey, 1995.


  • macroeconomics
  • labor economics
  • financial economics
Courses Taught
  • Econ 4960H: Topics in Economics: Modern Economic Growth
  • Econ 8185: Computational and Numerical Methods for Dynamic Economics
  • Econ 8501: Wages and Employment
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Monetary Economics: 2016 - present
  • Member, Conference on Research in Income and Wealth: 2015 - present
  • Associate Editor: Review of Economic Dynamics , 2013 - present
  • Editorial Board Member: Central Bank Review (Central Bank of Turkey)
  • Adviser, Central Bank of Turkey: 2013 - 2015


  • Research Associate: National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Consultant: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  • International Research Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies, UK: 2007 - present
  • Women's Emancipation Through Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis: Guvenen, Fatih, Michele Rendall, Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming.
  • Quantitative Economics With Heterogeneity: An A-to-Z Guidebook. Guvenen, Fatih, Princeton University Press, Author, forthcoming, 2017.
  • Inferring Labor Income Risk and Partial Insurance from Economic Choices : Guvenen, Fatih, Anthony Smith, Econometrica, 82 (6) 2085-2129, November 2014.
  • The Nature of Countercyclical Income Risk: Guvenen, Fatih, S. Ozkan, J. Song, Journal of Political Economy, 122 (3) 621-660, December 2014.
  • Taxation of Human Capital and Wage Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis: Guvenen, Fatih, B. Kuruscu, S. Ozkan, Review of Economic Studies, 81 818-850, 2014.
  • How Risky Are Recessions for Top Earners?: Guvenen, Fatih, Greg Kaplan, Jae Song, American Economic Review, P & P, 104(5) 148-153, 2014.
  • Joint Search Theory: New Opportunities and New Frictions: Guvenen, Fatih, B. Guler, G. Violante, Journal of Monetary Economics, 59(4) 352-369, 2012.
  • Understanding the Evolution of the U.S. Wage Distribution: A Theoretical Analysis: Guvenen, Fatih, B. Kuruscu, Journal of the European Economic Association, 10(3) 482-517, 2012.
  • Russell Sage Foundation Grant for "Evolution of Inequality Within Firms" Co-PI with Nicholas Bloom, 2017 - 2019
  • NSF Grant for "Big Data in Macro and Labor Economics: New Insights into Open Questions", 2014 - 2018
  • Retirement Research Consortium Grant for "A User's Guide to Idiosyncratic Income Risk", 2012 - 2013