Collegiate Affiliation

Howard Louthan is director of the Center for Austrian Studies and professor of history at the University of Minnesota. He specializes in the intellectual and cultural history of early modern Central Europe with special attention to religion. His books include The Quest for Compromise, an examination of toleration in late-sixteenth century Vienna and Converting Bohemia, an exploration of the recatholization of the Czech lands in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Along with Graeme Murdock (Trinity College Dublin) he recently published A Companion to the Reformation in Central Europe, which is the first full guide in English to the diverse Christian cultures of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Czech lands, Austria, and lands of the Hungarian kingdom between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. He is currently at work on a project that examines the religious cultures of sixteenth-century Poland. Before coming to Minnesota, Prof. Louthan taught at the University of Notre Dame, Warsaw University and the University of Florida.