Collegiate Affiliation

Supports all CLA students;  specializes in supporting students with general major and career exploration-any interest area and those with Education Career Field interests.

I love stories. When I was a student in CLA, I majored in English and American Studies because I love learning about the world through different experiences and lenses. While I have always known I wanted to work with people, I have never had one “dream job” in mind, so I’ve learned to find roles that align with my values of connection, equity, and joy. As a Career Coach, I bring my belief that social change moves at the speed of relationships. I never underestimate the power of someone truly listening to your story and context, and helping you identify the next right move for you. Sometimes you need more information or guidance, and sometimes you need someone to say “You got this!” No matter where you are in your career exploration, I want you to leave feeling heard, supported, and excited. 

Being able to be authentically myself is important to me, and I strive to create a space for students to bring their whole selves when they meet with me. There are so many ways that career and education conversations intersect with and are informed by our identities. I seek to be a cultural navigator and a cultural challenger, and am committed to pushing higher education to move forward to equitably meet the needs and wants of our students. To me, that means finding ways to incorporate both advocacy and healing into my work.

Outside of work, I love cooking with my partner, trying new sourdough bread experiments, making earrings, and going on main character walks.