Collegiate Affiliation

As an applied psychologist, I examine how ethnic-racial discrimination, identity, and socialization shape human development across the life course from childhood to adulthood. Specifically, I distinguish between multiple perpetrators of ethnic-racial discrimination (e.g., peers, school adults, and law enforcement) and ethnic-racial socialization (e.g., parents, school adults, and peers) to inform setting-specific policies and interventions working to improve the well-being of all youth.

In my research, I take multi-method, multidisciplinary, and collaborative approaches to investigate: (1) why distinguishing between perpetrators of ethnic-racial discrimination matters, (2) what are the direct and intergenerational consequences of involvement in the criminal justice system, and (3) what are opportunities (e.g., ethnic-racial identity, ethnic-racial socialization) that peers, educators, and families can leverage to reduce the harmful effects of ethnic-racial discrimination and unwarranted involvement in the criminal justice system on children’s wellbeing.

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • PhD: Developmental Psychology, New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, 2019
  • BA: Latin American Studies and Psychology (minor), Bowdoin College, 2013


  • applied developmental science
  • the achievement gap
  • ethnic/racial disparities
  • the mental/physical health paradox
  • policing and the criminal justice system
  • longitudinal social survey methods
  • behavioral genetics