Collegiate Affiliation

I’m at my best when I am positively impacting people and systems. I love coaching people to create lives and careers that honor who they are and I am committed as a leader to make things more effective, more equitable, and more joyful. I thrive in ambiguity where there is more than one way to move forward and relish in connecting with others, brainstorming, and trying new innovative approaches. I am deeply curious and love learning (as long as it isn’t math), so you can often find me reading, listening to a podcast, or participating in professional development. I am happiest when I’m in nature, at Home Goods, watching a musical, or sharing good food with friends and family. In college I loved my liberal arts classes, but really struggled with how to translate what I learned to a career after graduation, this has provided fuel to help CLA students see the possibilities and find pathways for their future they are excited about and prepared for.