Kieran P McNulty

Kieran McNulty is a professor of anthropology and director of undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota, where he was awarded the McKnight Land-Grant Fellowship 2008 and named Scholar of the College in 2017. His principal interests are in the evolution of apes and humans, pursued simultaneously through laboratory research on the morphogenesis of skeletal anatomy and through paleontological fieldwork in East Africa. Kieran conceived of and directs the NSF-funded REACHE project, a collaborative research network that coordinates field expeditions at all of the early Miocene fossil ape sites in East Africa, and works in association with the National Museum of Kenya. In addition to NSF, his research has been funded by NIH, Wenner-Gren Foundation and Leakey Foundation. Previously, Kieran was an assistant professor at Baylor University, a Visiting Leverhulme Professor at Durham University (UK), a visiting researcher at Stony Brook University, and a Science Fellow at Ross Institute & Ross School. He has a commitment to pre-collegiate science education. Kieran serves as the principal advisor to CAITHS on Rusinga Island, Kenya, a community-based initiative dedicated to education, health, and sanitation. He received his AB from Dartmouth College and PhD from the City University of New York as part of the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology. He and his family reside in Minnesota.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Anthropology, City University of New York, 2003.
  • M.Phil.: Anthropology, City University of New York, 2000.
  • M.A.: Anthropology, Hunter College, 1998.
  • A.B.: Anthropology, Dartmouth College, 1995.


  • Paleoanthropology
  • Human and primate evolution
  • Geometric morphometrics
  • Cranial evolution and ontogeny
  • East Africa
Courses Taught
  • ANTH 1001: Human Evolution
  • ANTH 1101: Human Biological Diversity
  • ANTH 3401/5401: The Human Fossil Record
  • ANTH 5403: Quantitative Methods in Biological Anthropology
  • ANTH 3405/5405: Human Skeletal Analysis
  • ANTH 5113/8113: Primate Evolution
  • ANTH 8111: Evolutionary Morphology
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  • Scholar of the College, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, 2017 - 2020
  • Inductee, Alumni Hall of Fame, St. Francis High School, Traverse City, MI, 2017
  • Leading with Faith award, Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, 2017
  • Leverhulme Trust Fellow, Durham University, U.K., 2011 - 2012
  • McKnight Land Grant Professorship, 2009 - 2011