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Department of Writing Studies .
Room 233 NCCE

315 Pillsbury Dr SE

I joined the Department of Rhetoric in 1998 with a specialization in writing and technical communication pedagogy. In 2007, I moved into the Department of Writing Studies in the College of Liberal Arts. I am passionate about undergraduate education and enjoy serving as Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Writing Studies department. My interests include writing theory and pedagogy, writing consultation, usability studies, digital writing, and online writing instruction. Recent projects include usability service learning projects with usability services, articles and book chapters about online writing, creation of video tutorials about writing, and textual analysis of student research writing. I am currently involved in an ELearning grant project at the University of Minnesota involving student ePortfolios and Personal Learning Networks (PLNs).

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • PhD: English: Specialization in Rhetoric and Professional Communication, Iowa State University.
  • MA: English: Specialization in Rhetoric and Composition, Iowa State University.
  • BA: English, Luther College, Decorah, IA.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Technology and pedagogy
  • Writing theory and pedagogy
  • Usability evaluation
Courses Taught
  • WRIT 3001: Introduction to Scientific and Technical Communication
  • WRIT 3562W: Technical and Professional Writing
  • WRIT 4501: Usability and Human Factors in Technical Communication
  • WRIT 4662W: Writing with Digital Technologies
  • WRIT 5531: Pedagogy in Rhetoric and Writing Studies
  • WRIT 8011: Research Methods in Writing and Technical Communication
  • WRIT 8520: Usability Studies and Technical Communication
  • WRIT 8540: Online and Hybrid Writing Instruction
  • WRIT 8540: Technical Communication Pedagogy in the Digital Age
Research & Professional Activities


  • Co-Editor of Special Issue of Programmatic Perspectives, Journal of the Council of Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication: 2016 Special Issue on Programmatic Research, 2015 - 2016
  • Participation in University of Minnesota Medical Center (UMMC) OpenNotes pilot project: Interviews with patients who participated in OpenNotes pilot project in which physicians shared notes directly with patients, 2014 - 2016
  • Single Semester Leave: Audience Involved: Shifting Notions of Audience: Research about participation of readers and members in online web-based systems, January 2016 - May 2016


  • Technical Communication Advisory Board: http://cla.umn.edu/writing-studies/people/technical-communication-advisory-board,
  • Community-Engaged Teaching: Partnership with Hennepin County Library and WRIT 4501 Usability and Human Factors in Technical Communication. Students in class write and conduct usability tests for HCL website (mobile and desktop): http://www.hclib.org/, 2011 - current
  • Breuch, Lee-Ann Kastman. “Glocalization in Website Writing: The Case of MNsure and Imagined/Actual Audiences.” Computers and Composition 38 (2015): 113-125.
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  • Breuch, Lee-Ann Kastman. “A Work in Process: A Study of Single-Source Documentation and Document Review Processes of Cardiac Devices.”Technical Communication 55.4 (2008): 343-356.
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  • Breuch, Lee-Ann Kastman. “The Idea(s) of an Online Writing Center: Searching for a Conceptual Model.”Writing Center Journal 25.2 (2005): 21-38.
  • CPTSC Award for Excellence in Program Assessment (Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication), 2015
  • College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences distinguished teaching award, 2002