Technical Communication Advisory Board

The Technical Communication Advisory Board is a group of business leaders who provide pathways to experiential learning opportunities for students. Opportunities can include networking, mentoring, internships, and case competitions. Current undergraduate and graduate students in technical communication are invited to connect with the board through our formal networking events, and also through the Writing Studies LinkedIn Group.


Provide exemplary networking and experiential learning opportunities for BS, MS and Certificate students in Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota. Enrich the curriculum and visibility of our programs, students, faculty, and staff (includes opportunity to build “community faculty” model by leveraging strengths of the TCAB). Bridge industry and academia through strategic collaborative partnerships.


The BS, Certificate, MS, MA and PhD programs in technical communication at UMN are recognized as innovative and exemplary in the field, working to address the “industry-academia” gap. Input, direction, and engagement of TCAB members elevates the presence, relevance and status of our programs while also increasing the effectiveness of our TCAB members and their industries.