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Dept of Psychology
N218 Elliott Hall

75 E River Rd

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Psychology, Stanford University, 1995.
  • B.A.: Psychology/Math, University of Virgina, Charlottesville, VA, 1990.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Self-control of health behaviors
  • Eating regulation
  • Attention and self-control
  • Body image
  • Health and behavior change
Courses Taught
  • PSY 3206 Introduction to Health Psychology
  • PSY 1905 Psychology of Eating and Body Image
  • Social psychological approaches to self-regulation: Processes of goal setting and goal striving: Mann, Traci, with de Ridder, D., & Fujita, K., American Psychological Association, Health Psychology, 32 487-498, 2013. Download
  • Pictures in lunch tray compartments and vegetable consumption among children in elementary school cafeterias: Mann, Traci, with Reicks, M., Redden, J., Mykerezi, E., & Vickers, Z., Journal of the American Medical Association, 307 784-785, 2012. Download
  • Attention, self-control, and health behaviors. Current Directions in Pyschological Science: Mann, Traci, with A. Ward, Current Directions in Psychological Science, 16 280-283, 2007. Download
  • Promoting Public Health in the Context of the “Obesity Epidemic”: False Starts and Promising New Directions. : Mann, Traci, Mann, T., Tomiyama, J., & Ward, A., Association for Psychological Science, Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10 706-710, 2015. Download
  • The myth of comfort food: Mann, Traci, Wagner, H.S., Ahlstrom, B.K., Redden, J.A., Vickers, Z., & Mann, T., American Psychological Association, Health Psychology, 33 1552-1557, 2014. Download
  • Serving first in isolation increases vegetable intake among elementary schoolchildren: Mann, Traci, Redden, J., Mann, T., Vickers, Z., Mykerezi, E., Reicks, M. & Elsbernd, S. , PLoS One, 10 , 2015. LinkDownload